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We often face this confusion when we trying to choose nutrition for ourselves or our family, we are overwhelmed by the variety of foods and nutrition. Some products are so popular that they seem to be a panacea for all diseases. Is there a scientific and quantitative definition method? Fortunately, the answer is yes, the bioenergy test method is a tool can guide you to the healthy lifestyle.

The Bio Energetic Testing is based on the theories of Chinese acupuncture and the system of meridians by examine the specific meridians and acupuncture points. The testing can detect imbalance of the meridians and organ tissues promptly and it is an objective method of quantitative detection to the human body health states. 

The detection device has its unique functions. It can detect what sorts of foods and medications are beneficial to health and which ones contain side-effects. Under the confused health supplements/health food markets this device reveals its practical value.

Based on the Bio Energetic Testing perspective and through the detection, we will provide the client a suitable personalized diet therapy health care solution. This solution can also be adjusted accordingly in order to eventually achieve the goal of healing and preventing diseases.

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