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We often face this confusion when we trying to choose nutrition for ourselves or our family, we are overwhelmed by the variety of foods and nutrition. Some products are so popular that they seem to be a panacea for all diseases. Is there a scientific and quantitative definition method? Fortunately, the answer is yes, contact us to learn how to live a healthy, illness-free lifestyle with nutritional immunology, a branch of immunology studying how wholesome fruits and vegetables can strengthen your immune system.

The International Nutritional Immunology Association is a professional association made of qualified nutritionists, doctors, and immunologists that educate the general public on the importance of eating healthy to stay healthy. Specifically, our consultants advise how eating wholesome fruits and vegetables can help maintain a disease-free lifestyle.

INIA’s mission is to improve the level of health of the general public, and help everyone obtain a stronger, healthier body through natural, wholesome means. By knowing how to eat healthy, what to eat, anyone can have a strong body and immunity against any form of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our goals are to inform the public about the role and importance of our immune system and the latest research results of nutrition and immunity from all over the world. Our lectures guide on using the right nutrition and methods to nourish and protect our immune system.

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