Stronger Immunity Leads to Faster COVID-19 Recovery

At the press conference on COVID-19 control held in Hubei province on 10 February 2020, Zhang Dingyu, the head of the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, said that of the over 1,500 COVID-19 patients that his hospital received, most of these patients, including severe and critically ill cases, were discharged. The recovery rate was quite high so there is no need to panic.

Professor Zhao Wei, the director of the Biosafety Level-3 Laboratory in Southern Medical University, said in an interview, “Most people recover fully from viral diseases, thanks to their own immune system. This applies to COVID-19 too. There is currently no specific drug for COVID-19. Patients with mild symptoms tend to have stronger immune systems. They can depend on their own strong immune system to eliminate the virus. That is the reason why they can recover faster.”


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