Extract of Cordyceps – Mycelium

Extract of Cordyceps – Mycelium

Cordyceps sinensis is a natural substance that has been used as traditional Chinese medicine in East Asian countries. In recent years, with the development of artificial cultivation technology, the artificial breeding of Cordyceps sinensis has become feasible. This development has helped address the issue of reduced supply of Cordyceps sinensis. The biological activity of Cordyceps sinensis cultured from mycelium is very similar to that of natural Cordyceps sinensis. The primary ingredients of Cordyceps sinensis have crucial functions, including immune regulation, anticancer and antimetastatic properties, antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory capabilities, antibacterial qualities, improvement in lipid metabolism, blood sugar reduction, anti-aging benefits, and support for liver and kidney recovery. Consistent consumption of Cordyceps sinensis can enhance the immune response of Th1 cells, activate natural killer cells, and subsequently improve cell-mediated immunity through immune regulation.


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